Evil Accents

Evil Accents

Authoritative, intelligent and very, very evil.

Hollywood loves the British accent, but it really loves to hate it. Something about distinctive, received pronunciation just seems to scream calculating evil. This perception is always one of intelligence and erudition; excluding the evil, not a bad national stereotype.

After all, it’s not like the little island once conquered one quarter of the planet, and dominated the globe. Fueled of course by tea, boats and jingoism. Recent studies also loosely showed that about 9/10 countries have been invaded by British soldiers, so I suppose we can’t be surprised by this perception, particularly from a former colony.

So in the spirit of fun and entertainment, I am going to review famous villains with British accents and spout my thoughts on their impact, entertainment value and of course, evilness.

#1 Grand Moff Tarkin