The Creation of Adam. With Cake.

Angel Cake. Obviously.

Cake is clearly very important. Anything which can brighten up the day as rapidly as a nice bit of sponge must be an important part of your life, and if it isn’t, you clearly haven’t tried the right cake.

Eating cakes and biscuits (because they are an important part of tea also) is mired in controversy. Does one choose a tea to match the cake, or vice versa? Is there a limit to how many biscuits can be consumed (In polite company around 3. If being impolite, 58)? Do you dunk?

There is even debate about the difference between a cake and a biscuit.

To help you navigate these muddy waters I will be reviewing cakes and biscuits, as well as discussing pressing concerns such as etiquette. This will involve eating my test subjects, which is a terrible, delicious shame.

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