Mr Kipling’s Manor House

Manor House

Mr Kipling has a name to trust when it comes to cakes (which Manor House certianly is, scoring 9/9 in the test). We wanted to go for something which is easily available, from a well-known company.

The cake smells pungently fruity, embedded with sultanas and coated in crunchy Demerara sugar. The sponge itself is firm and crumbly, and although we had some concerns that it would become a stodgy sludge in the mouth after a few mouthfuls, the sugar broke up that texture and the palate was well cleared by a sip of Assam.

That said, though the sponge is buttery like all fruit cakes it is not light. This means you wouldn’t want to eat it without some kind of beverage (tea) and the heaviness of the sponge curbs consumption in a way which can be slightly unsatisfying.

The best bit is definitely the texture, with firm sponge, slightly dry crust, soft sultanas and crunchy sugar. It should be enjoyed with company, eating this alone would be an exercise in futility and feel quite lonely, as one person is unlikely to make much of a dent.

Taste 7/10
Texture 8/10
Consumability 4/10
Total 6.5/10