McDonald Gill's publicity poster for the Tea Market Expansion Board

I don’t feel this overstates the importance of tea at all.

If you don’t understand what all the fuss is about, you probably drink coffee. Don’t worry, it’s curable, and you may want to check out the brief history of a small green leaf.

For everyone else, below you will find an exploration of various aspects of tea-drinking. Starting with the most important, tasting, and eventually expanding into tea culture, history and more tasting. Hopefully you already know that tea comes in four main varieties; black, green, oolong and white. The vast majority of tea consumed in Britain is black, and is what you get in your PG, Typhoo and Yorkshire teas. You might have seen the vast arrays of Twinings and Wittards teas on the shelf, and wondered how these varieties relate to what is typically drunk or how they taste. Your questions will soon be answered.

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